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Master Of Science In Counseling Psychology
Concentration: Counseling Psychology
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COUNSELING CORE 24 Credits Required
  3 credits PSYC6010 Counseling Psyc: Orient/Ethics
  3 credits PSYC6030 Found Multicultural Counseling
  3 credits PSYC7010 Theories Of Counseling
  3 credits PSYC7020 Counseling Skills
  3 credits PSYC7060 Group Counseling
  3 credits PSYC7070 Child/Adolescent Counseling
  3 credits PSYC7080 Couples & Family Counseling
  3 credits PSYC7090 Advanced Counseling Skills
PROFESSIONAL CORE 27 Credits Required
  3 credits PSYC6020 Career Development
  3 credits PSYC6040 Grief and Bereavement
  3 credits PSYC6050 Foundations Of Addiction
  3 credits PSYC6060 Advanced Developmental Psyc
  3 credits PSYC6070 Research/Program Evaluation
  3 credits PSYC7030 Adv Psychological Assessment
  3 credits PSYC7040 Psychopathology
  3 credits PSYC7050 Assessmt, Appr & Treatmt Plan
  3 credits PSYC7510 Supervision and Consultation
  3 credits PSYC7320 Counseling Psych Practicum
  3 credits PSYC7420 Counseling Psych Internship I
  3 credits PSYC7520 Counseling Psych Internship II

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