Bachelor of Arts (BA) Overview

The Media Arts degree program at Robert Morris University offers a stimulating learning environment where students are encouraged to explore their creative interests while developing the necessary tools to build an exciting and rewarding career in the design, photography, communications and television/video production industries. The program equips students with a focused education experience combined with a real-world business and communications skills curriculum. 

The program utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and is taught by professors who are practicing artists, designers, photographers and film/video specialists. 

To respond to the increasingly diverse needs of the design industry and the challenge of new technology, all students sample the areas of graphic design, photography, television/video production and interactive/web design. This enables students to choose one of these four areas with confidence for their final concentration and understand the important links between the disciplines.

The Bachelor of Arts degree has 39 credits of RMU core requirements, nine credits of business studies, and 54 credits of media arts coursework. The remaining 24 credits are converted into open electives, allowing students to pursue a minor or broaden their studies into other areas of interest. The B.A. degree also allows transfer students to gain maximum advantage for credits completed at other institutions.

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