Program Overview

The English degree program at Robert Morris University provides students with unique choices and experiences as well as the kind of academic preparation necessary for a career in today's competitive job market. Besides taking courses in writing and literature, students may elect courses in professional communications, in which they create brochures, prepare public relations documents and write newspaper copy.

Students in the English program work closely with teams of students and faculty on collaborative projects. These experiences simulate the teamwork essential to writing and communication tasks in educational, business and corporate environments. Students may prepare to enter the workforce as communication specialists in advertising, public relations or other writing-intensive positions, or prepare to teach English, speech and communication by taking the required courses in education.

Students in the English program learn, both experientially and theoretically, the stages involved in successful writing and speaking, especially the value of revising and editing their work according to criticism obtained through feedback. They study linguistics and rhetorical theory, subjects typically not available until graduate school.

The program is excellent preparation for students who decide to pursue a master's or doctoral degree. Students have the opportunity to interact with professionally active faculty members who regularly attend and present at conferences and many of whom have published articles and books.

Academic Programs

English majors receive an education that is both well-rounded and focused. Built upon a broad foundation in the liberal arts, the English curriculum is integrated through sustained attention to linguistics, problem-solving rhetoric and the interpretation of literature and other texts.
Our program options allow students to select a course of study that best suits their personal interests and career goals. Each program prepares graduates for a variety of careers as well as for graduate study.

English Education: This fully accredited program is designed for students seeking Pennsylvania state certification as a teacher at the secondary level (grades 7-12). The concentration provides students with foundational knowledge in literature, linguistics, rhetoric and technology integration and focuses on preparing new professionals to meet the demands of 21st century schools.

English Studies: This concentration combines the study of American and English literature with communications, including professional writing, document design and journalism production. Students also gain a solid background in liberal arts. This program is particularly well-suited for students seeking careers in professional and corporate training.

Writing:  This area of study is intended for students and practicing professionals who wish to develop their writing skills in order to seek or advance a career in professional writing and who wish to explore the rhetorical, linguistic, and technological context of professional writing.  The area of study is also intended for students who wish to pursue a masters degree in professional or technical writing.  In addition to the general program of study offered in the English Studies major, this concentration develops skills required for a career in technical writing in various disciplines.

English Minor:  The English Minor sharpens the language skills needed for success in any major.  Students may choose any 5 ELIT or ENGL courses, beginning with the core ELIT requirement.  After completing the core elective, students may put together a minor in literature (including British, American, world, classic, African-American & women's literatures, among others) or in rhetoric and liguistics (including courses such as Study of Rhetoric, Study of Language, History of English, Grammar and Editing, Study of Essay, Creative Writing, etc.).

Excellent Career Preparation

The English degree program at RMU provides students with the necessary experience for a rewarding career. Students in the program:

Become aware of and experience the kinds of activities engaged in by professionals in the field; 
Collect writing projects and, with the help of an advisor, prepare a portfolio useful in the job search after graduation;
Prepare several resumes for different types of employers and positions and learn how to secure an interview; 
Learn how to be interviewed and how to interview others;
Attend faculty seminars; participate in career conferences; enjoy poetry readings, plays and other cultural events; and, through these experiences, become more capable of appreciating and discussing such events with other professionals; and
Have the opportunity, through an internship or student teaching, to experience firsthand the kind of career they plan to enter and practice the communication and writing skills learned in class.


Tuition information can be found at Tuition Fees & Schedules.

Admission Criteria

The following are required for admission:

  • Robert Morris University application for admission - Apply Now!
  • Official transcripts from high school and any post-secondary institutions attended

Bachelor-Level Internship Employers

Allegheny West Magazine; America's Promise; Elderberry Court; Disney World; FSN Sports; Iron City Brewing; Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School; Pittsburgh Musical Theater; Pittsburgh Colts; Sterlinghouse Publishers; UPMC--Shadyside; WTAE-TV.

Bachelor-Level Hiring Organizations

Algor; America's Promise; Diabolic Studios; Food Circus Corp.; FW Dodge Publications/McGraw Hill; Gateway Star Publications; GlaxoSmithKline; Granny's Attic Communications; KDKA-TV; Norwegian Cruise Lines; Observer Publishing; PaineWebber; Pittsburgh Public Schools; Rome Monument; SEIX Investment Advisors; United Jewish Federation; U.S. Steel; Western Pennsylvania Humane Society; WHTM-TV; WQED-TV; WTOV-TV.

Salary Information

Position TitlePosition Salary
High School Teacher
about $37,700
Elementary School Teacher
about $30,500
Technical Writer
about $65,900
Customer Service
about $34,900
Fund Raising/Development
about $38,000
Managing Editor
about $54,900
Marketing Writer
about $50,900
Publication Editor
about $52,200
about $44,800
Communications Specialist
about $49,400
about $49,900
The information in this chart is based off of 2010 salary information from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.