Undergraduate Degrees, Majors and Concentrations

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

THEA1010 - Colonial Choral Union
THEA1011 - Production I
THEA1012 - Production II
THEA1013 - Production III
THEA1014 - Production IV
THEA1015 - Production V
THEA1016 - Production Vi
THEA1017 - Applied Voice I
THEA1018 - Applied Voice II
THEA1019 - Applied Voice III
THEA1020 - Applied Voice IV
THEA1021 - Applied Voice V
THEA1022 - Applied Voice Vi
THEA1025 - Ballet I
THEA1030 - Introduction To Theatre (Course Code was formerly: COMM2070)
THEA1035 - Ballet II
THEA1040 - Fundamentals Of Acting (Course Code was formerly: COMM2170)
THEA1050 - Music Appreciation
THEA1060 - Musical Theatre: Jazz Dance I
THEA1070 - Musical Theatre: Jazz Dance II
THEA1210 - Chorus I
THEA1220 - Chorus II
THEA1230 - Chorus III
THEA1240 - Chorus IV
THEA1250 - Chorus V
THEA1260 - Chorus Vi
THEA1310 - Music Theory I
THEA2020 - Intermediate Acting
THEA2030 - Technical Theatre
THEA2040 - Acting For The Camera
THEA2060 - Modern Trends In Theatre
THEA2070 - Stage Combat
THEA2080 - Directing
THEA2160 - Musical Theatre:Jazz Dance III
THEA2170 - Musical Theatre: Jazz Dance IV
THEA2180 - Musical Theatre: Jazz Dance V
THEA2190 - Musical Theatre: Jazz Dance Vi
THEA2230 - Design In Theatre
THEA2310 - Music Theory II
THEA3310 - Voice and Diction
THEA3320 - Special Topcs: Musical Theatre
THEA3520 - Adv Musical Theatre Repertory