Undergraduate Degrees, Majors and Concentrations

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ENGR5010 - Engr Cost Estimat & Fin Anal
ENGR5014 - Management Of Engr, Sci & Tech
ENGR5020 - Engr Systems Analysis & Design
ENGR5030 - Project Engineering
ENGR5040 - System Simulation
ENGR5050 - Tolerancing Methods
ENGR5060 - Value Design
ENGR5080 - Design Of Indust Experiments
ENGR5630 - Numerical Control Systems
ENGR5730 - Robotics and Automation
ENGR5800 - Computational Optimization
ENGR5830 - Rapid Prototyping/Reverse Engr
ENGR5840 - Rapid Tooling & Manufacturing
ENGR5999 - Engineering Elec (5000-6000)
ENGR6010 - Info & Inventory Control
ENGR6012 - Renewable Resources
ENGR6020 - Computer Integrated Manuf
ENGR6022 - Energy Storage, Conver/Transp
ENGR6025 - Health and Safety Management
ENGR6030 - Technical Sales For Engineers
ENGR6035 - Advanced Add Manufacturing Cap
ENGR6040 - Engineering Management Cases
ENGR6050 - Strategy, Innovation & Technol
ENGR6060 - Global Engineering Management
ENGR6070 - Engr Proposal Development
ENGR6080 - Exper Methods For Engnrng Mgt
ENGR6090 - Lean Manufacturing
ENGR6191 - Thesis Research
ENGR6192 - Thesis Research
ENGR6193 - Thesis Research
ENGR6194 - Thesis Research
ENGR6195 - Thesis Research
ENGR6196 - Thesis Research
ENGR6200 - Healthcare Systems Engineering
ENGR6210 - Healthcare Project Management
ENGR6220 - Design Of Experiements For Hlt
ENGR6230 - Process Modeling & Simulation
ENGR6240 - Lean Management In Healthcare
ENGR6250 - Service System, Engr, & Mngt
ENGR6280 - Human Factors In Healthcare
ENGR6460 - Cloud Computg & Amazon Web Ser
ENGR6903 - Internship/Co-Op
ENGR7903 - Cooperative Educ/Internship
ENGR8100 - Engr Communications
ENGR8300 - Engr Leadership For Innovation
ENGR8500 - Research Methods In Engr I
ENGR8550 - Research Methods In Engr II
ENGR8700 - Engr Research Project Dev I
ENGR8750 - Engr Research Project Dev II
ENGR9310 - Engr Process Seminar I
ENGR9320 - Engr Process Seminar II
ENGR9330 - Engr Process Seminar III
ENGR9810 - Doctoral Research In Engr I
ENGR9820 - Doctoral Research In Engr II
ENGR9830 - Doctoral Research In Engr III
ENGR9840 - Doctoral Research In Engr Iv
ENGR9900 - Viva Voce: Research Conclusion