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INFS7479 - Proj Mgmt In Comm/Info Sys

Fall 2020

This course focuses on project management through critical examinations of project planning, design, production, documentation, and presentation techniques. The course distinguishes among the three primary purposes of project management: (1) planning and scheduling project tasks, (2) critical diagnosis and prediction of success or failure in meeting schedules, and (3) estimation of requirements for the project. Topics include: problem identification and definition, project design and analysis, feasibility measures, project charting methods (PERT, GANTT, CPM), process documentation techniques, information modeling, project design specifications and error diagnosis, and task monitoring. Various software packages are used as tools to assist in all phases of project management, development, and presentation.
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Location: Internet/ Online
Time: -
Instructor: Baugh
Session: 4 (10/24 - 12/18/20)
Term: Fall 2020
Course is taught Fully Online.

Credits: 3
Days: T
Location: Moon
Room: Hale Center 203
Time: 06:00-10:00 pm
Instructor: Caputo
Session: 3 (08/31 - 10/23/20)
Term: Fall 2020

Credits: 3
Days: M
Location: Moon
Room: Hale Center 310
Time: 06:00-10:00 pm
Instructor: Draus
Session: 3 (01/11 - 03/05/21)
Term: Spring 2021
Virtual Rotation: (details)