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NURS9270 - Diagnosis/Mgt Of Adults II

Fall 2019 Doctoral

This theory course is concerned with diagnosis and management of primary health care needs of adults commonly encountered in primary health care settings. Prepares family and adult nurse practitioners to assume responsibility for health promotion, disease prevention, early detection and management of common health conditions of adults and their families in primary health care settings. Emphasizes pathophysiology of the condition, etiology and incidence, clinical findings, differential diagnosis, management, complications and preventive and patient education measures.
Prerequisite: NURS8130 Co-requisite: NURS9270
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Days: R
Location: Moon
Room: Scaife Hall 015
Time: 06:00-09:00 pm
Instructor: Ross
Session: 2 (01/13 - 05/01/20)
Term: Spring 2020 Doctoral
Prerequisite: NURS8130 Co-requisite: NURS9270