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NURS8135 - Adv Phys Assessment Lab

Fall 2019 Doctoral

Physical Assessment and Diagnosis Theory course. The practicum course affords the student the opportunity to review, practice, and demonstrate skills needed to perform a comprehensive primary care history and physical examination to patients across the lifespan. This practicum allows the beginning advanced practice nurse practitioner student to collect and differentiate between subjective and objective assessment data and synthesize this information in order to begin learning the process of formulating a differential diagnosis and a comprehensive plan for the primary care patient. Emphasis will be on the techniques and processes of performing a comprehensive history and physical examination on patients across the lifespan and communicating the findings. Pre-requisite: NURS8010 Co-requisite: NURS8130
1 Credits

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Credits: 1
Days: APPT
Location: Moon
Time: -
Instructor: Hellier
Session: 1 (01/04 - 04/30/21)
Term: Spring 2021: Doctora
Co-requisite: NURS8130