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SPED6040 - High-Incidence Disab: Mths/Pra

Fall 2019

This course focuses on applying the knowledge and skills required to provide specially designed instruction to students with mild disabilities in inclusive learning environments. Major areas of study will include: IDEA and No Child Left Behind; inclusion models; student-centered learning; teacher-directed models; instructional accommodations, modifications, and strategies; positive behavior support; social skills; and teacher-family partnerships. Upon successful completion of this course, aspiring special education teachers will be able to demonstrate competence in using evidence-based instructional practices to teach all students.
Prerequisites: SPED6080 and SPED6085
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Location: Moon
Room: Patrick Henry 306
Instructor: ** Staff **
as of 05-AUG-20
Term: Fall 2020
Prerequisites: SPED6080 and SPED6085