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INFS3131 - Enterp Transact Process Syst
Summer 2019

This course focuses on the CICS Enterprise Transaction Processing System and CICS COBOL applications. CICS architecture, online resource definition (CEDA), CSD data sets, and legacy CICS resource tables are presented. Students will design, prepare (DFHMAPS) and code a BMS mapset to generate physical and symbolic maps. Using a pseudo-conversational and modular style, students will develop, prepare (DFHYITVL), and test CICS COBOL VSAM and DB2 applications using the CICS EXEC and EXEC SQL APIs. Popular CICS-supplied transactions, e.g., CESN, CESF, CEMT, CECI, and CEDA will be reviewed. Using CICS as an HTTP Server to interface with a WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and WebSphere MQ will be introduced.
Prerequisites: INFS2130, INFS3130 and INFS4242
3 Credits

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INFS3131-A Enterp Transact Process Syst
Canceled     Credits: 3 Days:  
       Location: Moon Room:
    Time: - Instructor: Laverty
    Session: as of 11-SEP-19 Term: Fall 2019
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      Prerequisites: INFS2130, INFS3130 and INFS4242