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HTMG3053 - Supervision:Hosp/Tour Operatns

Summer 2019

This course explores personnel management procedures as they apply to the specific needs of the hospitality and travel industry. Areas such as recruiting, interviewing, training, wage theory, and employee evaluation are analyzed. The organization structure is studied as a basis for determining personnel needs and conversely, as a shaper of the organization itself. The value of a human relations approach is stressed. The student becomes aware of the need for all levels of management to have a working knowledge of personnel principles for everyday application. Case studies and computer-based projects are used to ensure practical application of course materials.
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Days: T R
Location: Moon
Room: Massey Hall THE
Time: 12:30-01:45 pm
Instructor: Rudd
Session: 1 (08/31 - 12/18/20)
Term: Fall 2020