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ARTM4010 - Senior Studio

Summer 2019

Following a personal tutorial and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses with a Media Arts professor, students then select an area of further study from their concentration. Students prepare a self-initiated design assignment and enter into a "learning contract" with the professor. All design/communication objectives will be stated and the constraints outlined before work begins. The goal will be to produce at least three pieces of work during the semester. International competition projects as well as "real world" assignments may form part of this class if appropriate. This course will be taught in the computer design lab. 3 credits
Prerequisite: ARTM3120 or ARTM3350
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Days: T
Location: Moon
Room: Wheatley Center 144
Time: 09:30-12:15 pm
Instructor: Hadfield
Session: 1 (08/31 - 12/18/20)
Term: Fall 2020
Prerequisite: ARTM3120 or ARTM3350