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ARTM3140 - Corporate Identity Design
Summer 2019

This course explores the use of type and symbols for the development of identifying long-term marks for various clients [ product, service or company ]. We develop corporate identity systems from concept to print package for each project assignment. Students create corporate and brand identities and then apply them to products, services, environments, and communications. By working on one major identity assignment, students explore different kinds of identity, monolithic, endorsed, and branded. Students follow the following stages - investigation, design brief, developing the design idea, working out the program, and finally implementation. Students create and produce a full corporate identity system with accompanying manual.
Prerequisites: ARTM3110 and CSCM1030 (COSK2220) or CSHR1030 (COSK2225)
3 Credits

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ARTM3140-C1 Corporate Identity Design
10 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: M
       Location: Moon Room: Wheatley Center 143
    Time: 02:00-04:50 pm Instructor: Crane
    Session: 1 (08/26 - 12/13/19) Term: Fall 2019
            More Info!
      Prerequisites: ARTM3110 and CSCM1030 (COSK2220) or CSHR1030 (COSK2225)
      This course satisfies part of the Communication Skills graduation requirement.
      Communication Skills Section.