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SPMG3610 - Sports Sales

Fall 2020

Sales is an essential revenue producing function for any commercial organization. Sport and recreations have a unique marketing relationship of product and inventory with the consumer and marketplace. The course is designed for the student to learn the theoretical concepts and the application of skills and practices associated with the sports sales process, building upon theories learned in the prerequisite class. Through readings, guest speakers and lectures, the course will examine the rationale regarding the benefits and disadvantages of various sales and promotional methodologies. This course will then concentrate on promotional and sales strategies, campaigns and techniques that will be presented in an applied format. In essence, this applied format will function as a "real world" laboratory, where students will actually conduct sales and promotional activities for sport entities which may include: minor league franchises, collegiate athletic programs, and for-profit sports related businesses. While sales management within the sport organization will be addressed, the primary focus of the course is to develop the student as an effective salesperson able to function in the applicable areas of the sport-tainment industry. 3 credits
Prerequisite: MARK3100 or SPMG3402
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Days: M W F
Location: Moon
Room: Hale Center 302
Time: 09:00-09:50 am
Instructor: Clark
Session: 1 (08/31 - 12/18/20)
Term: Fall 2020
Prerequisite: MARK3100 or SPMG3402