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ENGR3420 - Comp Archit For Software Eng

Fall 2020

This course introduces students to the organization and architecture of computer Systems, beginning with the standared von Neumann model and then moving towards more recent architectural concepts. Boolean Algebra and Binary Algorithm will be discussed to provide the basics of digital logic functioning. The laboratory component of this course will focus on hands-on experience with digital logic (basic analog electronic components, fixed and flexible integrated circuits). Nl Elvis Workstation, Nl Lab View and Nl CIrcuit Design suite will be used to design and simulate digital circuits. Students understanding of architecture concepts will be furthered strengthened through a group project.
Prerequisite: MATH4000
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Days: T R
Location: Moon
Room: John Jay 124
Time: 09:30-10:45 am
Instructor: Kesserwan
Session: 1 (01/14 - 04/30/21)
Term: Spring 2021
Virtual Rotation: (details)
Prerequisite: MATH4000