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POLS3030 - The American Presidency
Summer 2019

This course is an overview of the institution of the presidency in U.S. political history. It will begin with the constitutional foundations, including a discussion of the debate at the Philadelphia convention and ratification. It will then move through American Political history and, building on the constitutional origins of the presidency, consider the development of the institution into its modern-day form, with the relationship of the executive branch to the other two branches of government as a major theme. The transformations made by George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Theordore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt will be highlighted. The modern presidency will be a major section of the course, with an emphasis on the rise of the rhetoricl presidency. Both the public law paradigm and presidential power approach to studying the presidency will be covered. The importance and impact of the nomination and election process will be dealt with, as well as the organization of the White House and Executive Branch.
Prerequisite: HIST1100, HIST1200 or POLS1020
3 Credits

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