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ELIT3040 - Sem In Lit: Sel Amer Authors
Summer 2019

This course enables students to engage in detailed literary study of two major figures in American literature. Students will synthesize and evaluate the key issues of American literary scholarship through detailed studies of the works, biography and criticism of Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Selected novels and short stories of the two writers will be examined in the seminar for their aesthetic values, their social and political contexts, their rhetorical and genre strategies, and major biographical facts. Students compile annotated bibliographies, make oral presentations, write short papers, and write one 15 page scholarly essay based on research.
Prerequisites: Any ELIT course and 75 credits
3 Credits

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ELIT3040-A Sem In Lit: Sel Amer Authors
8 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: W
       Location: Moon Room: Wheatley Center 113
    Time: 06:00-08:50 pm Instructor: Karshner
    Session: 1 (08/26 - 12/13/19) Term: Fall 2019
            More Info!
      Prerequisites: Any ELIT course and 75 credits