Course Catalog

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ECED0101 - Praxis I Prep Early Childhood
ECED0210 - Field Experiences 2100
ECED0212 - Field Experiences 2120
ECED0214 - Field Experiences 2140
ECED0306 - Field Experience 3060
ECED0310 - Field Experience 3100
ECED0401 - Field Experiences 4010
ECED0402 - Field Experiences 4020
ECED0403 - Field Experiences 4030
ECED2100 - Intro To Early Childhood Educ
ECED2110 - Early Childhood Curric/Instruc
ECED2120 - Early Literacy/Language Devl
ECED2130 - Numeracy
ECED2140 - Reading Difficulties/Diagnosis
ECED2500 - Creative Classroom
ECED2510 - Hlth/Wellness/Physical Devel
ECED3050 - Planning/Assessment Early Chld
ECED3060 - Family/Community Relationships
ECED3100 - Integrating Arts/Devel Child
ECED3400 - Elem Reading Content Area
ECED4000 - Soc Studies Methods Echd
ECED4010 - Math Methods Early Childhood
ECED4020 - Science Methds Early Childhood
ECED4030 - Readng/Lang Arts Mthds Echd
ECED4060 - Pre-Student Teaching
ECED4200 - Student Teaching Eced
ECED4205 - Student Teaching Sped
ECED4210 - Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC0104 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Busn
EDUC0105 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Bio/Sc
EDUC0106 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Englis
EDUC0107 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Math
EDUC0108 - Praxis I Prep Secondary Soc St
EDUC0200 - Field Experiences 2000
EDUC0210 - Field Experiences 2100
EDUC0211 - Field Experience II - Philadel
EDUC0212 - Field Experience - Belieze
EDUC0220 - Field Experiences 2200
EDUC0302 - Field Experiences 3400
EDUC0305 - Field Experiences 3050
EDUC0306 - Field Experiences 3060
EDUC0310 - Field Experiences 3165
EDUC0322 - Field Experiences 3220
EDUC0400 - Field Experiences 4100
EDUC0420 - Field Experiences 4120
EDUC0420 - Pre-Student Teaching Bcit
EDUC0430 - Field Experiences 4130
EDUC0430 - Pre-Student Teaching Math
EDUC0440 - Field Experiences 4140
EDUC0440 - Pre-Student Teaching Biology
EDUC0450 - Field Experiences 4150
EDUC0450 - Pre-Student Tching Social Stud
EDUC2000 - Schools and Society
EDUC2100 - Educ Psyc/Classroom Mgmt
EDUC2200 - Technology For Teachers (Course Code was formerly: ELED2000)
EDUC3050 - Tchng Students With Spec Needs (Course Code was formerly: EDUC3000)
EDUC3060 - Tch In Inclusive Sec Classroom
EDUC3120 - Technology For Sec Educators
EDUC3160 - Svc Lrn: Girl Scout Mentor Pgm
EDUC3165 - Teaching Engl Lang Learners (Course Code was formerly: EDUC3220)
EDUC3600 - Educational Assessment (Course Code was formerly: ECED3050)
EDUC4010 - Methods/Teachng Social Studies (Course Code was formerly: ED427)
EDUC4011 - Methods/Teachng Social Studies (Course Code was formerly: ED428)
EDUC4012 - Methods/Teachng Social Studies (Course Code was formerly: ED429)
EDUC4020 - Methods Of Teaching English (Course Code was formerly: ED437)
EDUC4021 - Methods Of Teaching English (Course Code was formerly: ED438)
EDUC4022 - Methods Of Teaching English (Course Code was formerly: ED439)
EDUC4030 - Methods Teaching Mathematics (Course Code was formerly: ED440)
EDUC4031 - Methods Teaching Mathematics (Course Code was formerly: ED441)
EDUC4032 - Methods Teaching Mathematics (Course Code was formerly: ED442)
EDUC4040 - Meth/Tchg Commu (Course Code was formerly: ED447)
EDUC4041 - Meth/Tchg Commu (Course Code was formerly: ED448)
EDUC4042 - Meth/Tchg Commu (Course Code was formerly: ED449)
EDUC4050 - Meth/Tchg Acct (Course Code was formerly: ED457)
EDUC4051 - Meth/Tchg Acct (Course Code was formerly: ED458)
EDUC4052 - Meth/Tchg Acct (Course Code was formerly: ED459)
EDUC4100 - Cont Spef Pedag:Soc Studies Ed
EDUC4110 - Cont Spec Pedagogy:Eng/Comm Ed
EDUC4120 - Cont Spec Pedagogy:Bus/Comp
EDUC4130 - Cont Spec Pedagogy: Math
EDUC4140 - Cont Spec Pedag: Biology/Envir
EDUC4140 - Cont Specif Pedagogy: Biology
EDUC4150 - Cont Spef Pedag:Soc Studies Ed
EDUC4200 - Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC4300 - The Teaching Profession Seminr
EDUC4500 - Student Teaching Internship
EDUC4510 - Student Teach Intern: Comm/Eng
EDUC4515 - Student Teach Intern: English
EDUC4520 - Student Teach Intern: Bus/Comp
EDUC4530 - Student Teach Intern: Math
EDUC4540 - Student Teach Intern: Biology
EDUC4550 - Student Teach Intern: Soc Stud
ELED4061 - Field Experience II - Elem Ed
MLED0101 - Praxis I Prep Middle Level
MLED0200 - Field Experiences 2000
MLED0400 - Field Experiences 4000
MLED0401 - Field Experiences 4010
MLED0403 - Field Experiences 4030
MLED2000 - Middle Level Philosophy
MLED4000 - Middle Level Methods
MLED4010 - Math/Sci Mthds Middle School
MLED4020 - Read Mthds/Lang Arts Mthds MSc
MLED4030 - Reading/Language Arts Methods
MLED4060 - Pre-Student Teaching
MLED4200 - Student Teaching
MLED4210 - Student Teaching Seminar
SPED0101 - Pect Special Education
SPED0301 - Field Experiences 3010
SPED0302 - Field Experiences 3020
SPED0303 - Field Experiences 3030
SPED0304 - Field Experiences 3040
SPED0305 - Field Experiences 3050
SPED0306 - Field Experiences 3060
SPED0307 - Field Experiences 3070
SPED3010 - Intro Special Educ: Pre K-12 (Course Code was formerly: ELED3010)
SPED3020 - Teachng Inclus Clsrm: Pre K-12 (Course Code was formerly: ELED3020)
SPED3030 - Clsrm Mgmt/Pos Behav Supp K-12
SPED3040 - Differen Instruc In Pre K-12
SPED3050 - Tch Students W/High-Incid Disa
SPED3060 - Tch Students W/Low-Incid Disab
SPED3070 - Language, Comm/Assistive Tech
SPED4000 - Iep´s and The Law
SPED4000 - Spec Ed: Assmnt/Eval & Iep´S
SPED4100 - Spec Ed: Collabor and The Law
SPED4210 - Prof Tpc Sem: Ell To Spe Needs