Course Catalog

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

NURS0202 - Nursing Assessment Lab
NURS0301 - Foundations Lab
NURS0302 - Mgt Of Adult Clinical
NURS0420 - Adult II Clinical
NURS0425 - Nsg Care Psychiatric Clinical
NURS1010 - Intro To Professional Nursing (Course Code was formerly: NURS2010)
NURS1030 - Transcultural Health Care Thry
NURS1999 - Special Topics In Nursing
NURS2010 - Intro To Professional Nursing
NURS2015 - Pathophysiology
NURS2020 - Nursing Assessmt/Health Promo (Course Code was formerly: NURS3010)
NURS2021 - Nurs Assess/Hlth Promo Lab
NURS2030 - The Role Of The Health Coach
NURS2060 - Nurs Care Of The Aging Adult
NURS2115 - Foundations Of Nursing Pract (Course Code was formerly: NURS3015)
NURS2116 - Foundations Lab (Course Code was formerly: NURS3016)
NURS2130 - Pharmacology For Hlth Profess (Course Code was formerly: NURS3030)
NURS3010 - Foundation Of Nursing Practice
NURS3011 - Healthcare In Australia
NURS3012 - Health Care In China
NURS3015 - Foundations Of Nursing Pract
NURS3020 - Management Of Adult I
NURS3021 - Management Adult I Clinical
NURS3030 - Pharmacology For Hlth Profess
NURS3040 - Nursing Research
NURS3050 - Nurs Care-Mothers/Newborns/Fam
NURS3051 - Nursing Care Mothers Clinical (Course Code was formerly: NURS0350)
NURS3055 - Nursing Care-Children/Families
NURS3056 - Nur Care Child/Family Clinical (Course Code was formerly: NURS0355)
NURS3060 - Nursing Ethics
NURS3070 - Health Promotion & Assessment
NURS3999 - Special Topics:
NURS4010 - Commun Hlth/Hlth Promo Thry
NURS4013 - Comm Hlth/Hlth Promt Clinical
NURS4014 - Community Hlth/Hlth Promotion
NURS4015 - Comm Hlth/Hlth Promt Theory
NURS4016 - Health Care: Quality & Safety
NURS4020 - Adv Management Of Adult II
NURS4021 - Adv Mgmt Of Adult II Clinical (Course Code was formerly: NURS0420)
NURS4025 - Nursing Care-Psychiatric Clien
NURS4026 - Nsg Care Psychiatric Clinical (Course Code was formerly: NURS0425)
NURS4031 - Transition To Profess Nursing (Course Code was formerly: NURS4030)
NURS4032 - Transition To Profess Nursing
NURS4035 - Nclex Licensure Prep Success
NURS4036 - Genetics and Genomics
NURS4041 - Prep For Professional Practice (Course Code was formerly: NURS4040)
NURS4050 - Leadership For Adv Practice
NURS4140 - Nursing Research (Course Code was formerly: NURS3040)
NURS4160 - Nurs Care Of The Aging Adult (Course Code was formerly: NURS2060)
NURS4951 - Independent Study
NURS4961 - Independent Study
NURS4999 - Special Topics: