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List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ISCM8010 - Colloquium Orientation Seminar
ISCM8030 - Colloquium Seminar III
ISCM8110 - Theories In Action In Isc
ISCM8120 - Isc In Cybersociety
ISCM8130 - Intro To Research Process
ISCM8140 - It and Online Social Behavior
ISCM8150 - Theory Development & Knowledge
ISCM8160 - Rhetorical, Semiotic & Ethno-C
ISCM8180 - Literature Review
ISCM8210 - Advanced Research Design
ISCM8220 - Data Analytics: Mgmt Perspecti
ISCM8230 - Quantitative Rsrch Methods I
ISCM8240 - Qualitative Rsrch Methods
ISCM8250 - Quantitative Rsrch Methods II
ISCM8310 - Economics Of Infrtn Sys & Tech
ISCM8320 - Information Security & The Law
ISCM8330 - Contemporary Issues
ISCM8380 - Analyzing & Interpreting Data
ISCM9100 - Dissertation I: Resrch Tpcs De
ISCM9200 - Dissertation II - Proposal Com
ISCM9300 - Dissertation III: Data Analys
ISCM9400 - Dissertation IV: Complet & Def
ISCM9601 - Dissertation