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Health Services Administration  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

HSAM6020 - Exec Leadership In Healthcare
HSAM6030 - Perf Impr/Quality Mgt Hlth Cre
HSAM6040 - Healthcare Finance I
HSAM6045 - Healthcare Finance II
HSAM6050 - Strategic Planning/Marketing
HSAM6060 - Hlth Care Policy, Law/Politics
HSAM6080 - Hlth Logistics/Operations Mgt
HSAM6120 - Eth/Legal Issues In Healthcare (Course Code was formerly: HSMG6120)
HSAM6130 - Risk Management In Healthcare
HSAM6140 - Human and Organizational Resou
HSAM6200 - Leadshp Simulation Facil/Instr
HSAM6310 - Coord Care/Population Hlth Mgt
HSAM6320 - Evid Base Dec Mkg Hlth Cre Mgr
HSAM6330 - Managing Hlthcare Info Syst
HSAM6340 - Hlthcare Negotiat/Confl Resol
HSAM6350 - Interprof Mgmt/Diver Hlth Cre
HSAM6360 - Ethical Issues In Health Serv (Course Code was formerly: HSAM6120)
HSAM7901 - Preparation For Internship
HSAM7902 - Health Services Admin Internsh
HSAM7903 - Internship/Capstone Res Projec
HSAM7911 - Internship
HSAM7921 - Internship/Capsone Res Projec
HSAM7931 - Internship
HSAM7932 - Internship/Capstone Res Projec
HSAM7951 - Intrnship: Hlthcr In S. Africa