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University Honors  
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List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

HNRS2065 - Honors: Seminar In Literature
HNRS2900 - Honors Scholar Development
HNRS3900 - Honors Seminar:
HNRS3903 - Honors: Physics and Sport
HNRS3910 - Honors: Personal & Bus Finance
HNRS3918 - Honors: First World War Poetry
HNRS3933 - Honors: Topics In Sustainabil
HNRS3953 - Honors: Jane Austen´s World
HNRS3963 - Honors: Identities/Inequalit
HNRS3964 - Honors: Creating The Magic
HNRS3965 - Honors: Controv Cont Am Sprts
HNRS3966 - Honors: Democracy and Torture
HNRS3967 - Honors: Math/Comput Animation
HNRS3968 - Honors: Mdrn Political Thought
HNRS3969 - Honors: Year 2020, A Moment
HNRS3970 - Under Mushroom Cloud
HNRS4000 - Honors Capstone
HNRS4900 - Honors Thesis Design & Develpm
HNRS4911 - Honors Thesis
HNRS4912 - Honors Thesis