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ORGL6650 - Leadership & Organizatn Design

Fall 2022

In this course students will learn about various ways organizations are structured, how organizations can adapt to their environment, and how leaders and followers can participate in designing and developing effective organizations of all types. Leadership can be understood at many levels, including leading oneself, leading others, leading teams, and leading organizations. Organization design and its accompanying theories focus on the macro level by examining the whole organization and its relationship to its environment. This includes how organizations respond to trends such as globalization and rapid technological change by adapting the organization's design. Key learning in the course include an understanding of various organization design factors and theories, knowledge of how orgaizations adapt to their environment to survive and thrive, the role of organizational culture, basics principles of organizational development, and leadership skills in planning, organizing, and supporting organizational activities for different sizes and types of organizations.
Prerequisite: ORGL6000 & ORGL6100 3 Credits
3 Credits

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Credits: 3
Location: Internet/ Online
Time: -
Instructor: Allen
Session: 2 (01/07 - 03/03/23)
Term: Spring 2023
Prerequisite: ORGL6000 & ORGL6100 3 Credits
Course is taught Fully Online.