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INFS3211 - Microcomputing Technology (A+)

Fall 2022

This course focuses on installing, supporting, securing, and troubleshooting personal computers, laptops, mobile hardware, and Windows 7/8 operating systems. Hands-on virtual simulations will be an important instructional component of this course. Support and troubleshooting processors, RAM, device interfaces, storage devices, and storage architecture and I/O devices, such as, SATA, Solid State devices, SCSI, optical devices, RAID, NAS, SAN, barcode readers, digital cameras, webcams, graphic tablets, motion controllers, TV tuners and video systems will be covered. Installation, support and troubleshooting wired and wireless TCP/IP4/IP6 home networks, network devices and applications, Virtualization and cloud fundamentals, Linux, MAC OS X, .g., Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile operating systems and devices will be introduced. Best security, licensing, prohibited activity, and data destruction policies, personal computer safety procedures of environmental concerns will also be presented. The topics in this course have been selected to prepare students to take the CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220- 902 Certification test, as well as the Testout PC Pro virtual simulation test. Topics in this course may change as the test certification test content changes.
Prerequisite: INFS2110, INFS2120, INFS2130, INFS2140, INFS2150, INFS2151, INFS2160, INFS2184 or MATH2070 3 Credits
3 Credits

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