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JRNL3085 - Interaction Sports, Pol, Media

Spring 2020

The Interaction of Politics, Sports and the Media challenges students to grasp how powerful forces - political, business, athletic and journalistic - often come together (or work with differing aims) for a perceived important local, national or international sports event. Using case studies, readings, research and class discussions, this course explores issues such as political interference in the Olympic Games, business support for local stadium construction projects, the business/commercial pressures on major sports events, and how the media report these events. This course demands that students see sports as more than mere games in which a winner or loser is identified. Instead, over the next 15 weeks students must grasp that the interplay of politics, sports, business and media interests can work together or collide with each other when important events are taking place.
Prerequisites: JRNL2015 and 60 credits
3 Credits

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