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ECED4060 - Pre-Student Teaching

Spring 2020

The zero-credit field course is designed to involve the preservice early childhood education students with the various aspects of classroom teaching methodology, pedagogy and management. The students will have the opportunity to employ reflective decision making when planning, implementing and assessing learning in an actual school environment. In addition, field students will become involved in the managerial, record keeping, personal and professional aspects of teaching in diverse classroom settings. Students will move through four basic learning experiences: observation, one-to-one tutoring, small group instruction and whole class instruction.
Prerequisites: Permission of the Department Head and Candidacy status
0 Credits

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Credits: 0
Days: M
Location: Moon
Room: Upmc Events Center 1-4
Time: 05:30-06:30 pm
Instructor: Haser
Session: 1 (08/31 - 12/18/20)
Term: Fall 2020
Prerequisites: Permission of the Department Head and Candidacy status
Successful completion of this course will satisfy the Professional Experience category of the Student Enagagement Transcript.
Communication Skills Section.