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SPMG4140 - Spec Tpc: Emerg Iss/Trnds Spmg
Summer 2019

Since the beginning of the 21rst century, the sport and entertainment industry has evloved due to business, cultural, scientific sociological and technological changes and innovations. Topics covered in this course include sport media, music, professional and collegiate sport, event and venue management, fantasy and e-sports,diversity in sport, and the role of digital technology and media platforms.
Prerequisite: 60 credits
3 Credits

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SPMG4140-A Spec Tpc: Emerg Iss/Trnds Spmg
20 Seats     Credits: 3 Days: M
       Location: Moon Room: Business School 205
    Time: 03:00-03:50 pm Instructor: Clark
    Session: 1 (01/13 - 05/01/20) Term: Spring 2020
            More Info!
      Prerequisite: 60 credits
      ***This course is part of a Faculty Led Education Abroad Program (FLEAP) that will travel to Scandinavia in May 2020. In order to add the course, students must complete an application with the Center for Global Engagement by Oct. 31. For application instructions, visit rmu.edu/abroad.