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Great Careers, Great Lives

Friday, October 20, 2017

For the second time, a Gallup survey of Robert Morris University graduates has underlined the particular benefits of an RMU education in the workplace and in personal well-being.

Gallup collected web surveys from 802 RMU alumni who graduated between 2002 and 2016 and compared their answers to a nationally representative sample of 10,000 college graduates. They found that:

  • 67% of RMU graduates had a college internship that let them apply what they learned (vs. 54% of graduates nationally)
  • 77% of RMU graduates work in a professional or managerial position (vs. 67% of graduates nationally)
  • 84% of RMU graduates are employed in a field related to their major (vs. 74% of graduates nationally)

The survey also shows that, compared to college graduates nationally, RMU graduates are more likely to say college prepared them for life after graduation, more likely to have had a job offer waiting when they graduated, earn more in personal and household income, report being more engaged in their careers, and are more likely to thrive in their personal well-being.

Gallup first partnered with RMU in 2014 to survey the university's alumni and compare the results to the organization's national sample of college graduates. That year marked the launch of the Gallup-Purdue Index, which measures well-being and workplace engagement among college graduates.

The 2014 survey also found RMU alumni are more likely to be working full time and are more engaged in their jobs and in their communities, compared to graduates nationally.