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Pre-Law Advisory Program

The Pre-Law Advisory Program is a University-wide counseling program that offers to all RMU University students individual counseling regarding the law school application process and information regarding the law as a career.

The mission of the Pre-Law Advisory Program, a University wide program designed to educate, enlighten, and counsel students who desire to attend law school or explore career opportunities in the legal profession.  The Pre-Law Advisory Program is designed to provide each student with the information necessary to enable him or her to make an informed choice about the pursuit of a law or law-related career. The Pre-Law Coordinator under the supervision of the RMU Pre-Law Advisory Committee, composed of members from several academic disciplines as administrators, aids each student in deciding whether a law school education is in the student’s best interest; helps in selecting the best law schools for the student while taking into account considerations such as financial aid and career goals; advises the student on how to best prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT); and, assists the student in the preparation and submission of his or her law school applications, personal statements and recommendations.

A highlight of the Pre-Law Advisory Program is the Robert Morris University Pre-Law Society, a student-driven organization providing information, counseling, and various programs of interest to assist students in learning more about the law. The pre-law society is open to all Robert Morris University students in good standing interested in attending law school or pursuing a career in the legal profession. The Pre-Law Coordinator is also the Advisor for the Robert Morris University Pre-Law Society.

The Pre-Law Advisory Program is neither a major nor a specific course of study because a law education and career can be well served in almost any academic concentration. Consistent with the recommendations of the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools, RMU offers a Pre-Law Advisory Program that focuses on advising, mentoring, and directed course study. As these organizations suggest, RMU undergraduates interested in the law develop certain skills, values, and basic areas of knowledge essential to the study of law. In addition, students are encouraged to develop these skills by participation and involvement in student engagement activities.

Students involved in the Pre-Law Advisory Program are advised and mentored by the RMU Pre-Law Advisor. Students are encouraged to develop mastery of the skills law schools value most, such as Analysis and Problem Solving, Critical Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, Listening, General Research Skills, Organization and Management Skills, and Social and Ethical Responsibility.

The coordinator of the RMU Pre Law advisory program and the 3+3 Early Law School Admission Program (ELSAP) is a faculty member of the Dept of Economics and Legal Studies.